Who we are: Brain2Canvas

Well, have you heard of Brain2Canvas? That’s us! We’re a diverse bunch of social workers, graphic designers, musicians, and creative visionaries. Each of us brings our own background, but what binds us together is our boundless enthusiasm for graffiti and art. We’ve been active in the graffiti scene for more than 20 years, filling walls with color and life. During our graffiti workshops in various cities like Berlin and Hamburg, everyone becomes a street art artist! Brain2Canvas is more than just a team; we’re a colorful, creative family that also organizes inspiring team-building and corporate events to promote a sense of togetherness through shared creative experiences. Find out more about us now!

A Canvas Chronicle: Our history

Brain2Canvas started in 2022 with a small team of graffiti artists and the simple desire to connect creativity and social projects. From the beginning, the shared experience in front of the canvas has been at the center of our focus – whether in our graffiti workshops or at team-building events. Over time, we’ve grown and expanded to more than 5 locations throughout Germany. Our team has now grown to 12 artists, but our core remains the same – the connection of creativity and community.

Creativity in Action: Our courses

Graffiti Course/Workshop

Our graffiti courses are a guide to the art scene. From handling your first spray can to designing your own masterpiece, we’ll guide you step by step. Our experienced street art artists introduce you to the world of styles, stencils, and signatures.

Kids Color Splash

The Kids Color Splash course is designed for young, aspiring artists. We provide a safe and stimulating environment to explore the colorful world of graffiti. Here, children learn about colors, shapes, and techniques and can bring their imagination to life on the canvas.

Neon Action Painting

Our Neon Action Painting adds radiant accents and creates stunning neon artworks. This course is perfect for those seeking the extraordinary and wanting to express their creative energy in colorful, vibrant artworks. Let your creativity shine in bright colors!

Online Action Painting Course

Get comfortable and control our Online Action Painting Course from a distance. You provide the instructions, and our artist brings your creative visions to life in color. No matter where you are, you can watch your own artwork come to life, and in the end, it will be delivered directly to your home.

Paint the Bus Workshop

At our “Paint the Bus” workshops, together with professional graffiti artists, you’ll transform a real bus into a mobile work of art. In the relaxed atmosphere of the Wellenwerks Berlin, you’ll learn various graffiti techniques and create an impressive street art masterpiece under guidance.

Our courses are suitable for:

  • Art enthusiasts of all ages
  • Teams/companies looking for creative team-building activities
  • Groups planning unique events like birthday parties and bachelor parties or simply looking for something special to experience
  • Children and teenagers Companies looking for innovative event ideas Schools and educational institutions looking to enrich art education Adults looking for a new hobby or a creative outlet from everyday life.

Our Locations – Your Art Mile

From the capital city of Berlin to the port city of Hamburg, the cultural metropolis of Munich, the vibrant Cologne, and the financial city of Frankfurt – Brain2Canvas leaves creative marks everywhere. No matter where you live in Germany, we’re not far away! Experience the unique atmosphere of our courses and events in these vibrant places.


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